Doggie Bath-O-Matt

3928 Irving Street

San Francisco, CA



The Bath-O-Mutt was great! The Hudson (my dog) is shiny, clean and fluffy, and my bathroom and tub at home are dog-hair free! What more could a girl ask for?

Simple and clean, nice selection of shampoos and a high-powered dryer.

I love my dog even more now that's he's clean... but don't tell him that! ;)


Ever since I found this place, I haven't had to deal with all the dog hair in my tub! It's great to find a doggie bath place in which all the supplies are at your fingertips. I love the fact that I no longer need to bend over the tub to wash my dog. My back thanks me.

The owner is really nice and friendly. (I believe he took over the store from his dad). They even clipped my dog's nails (no charge). My dog loves it because she gets treats from him, upon her departure. I'll be back...just need to get there before 4:30 during

the week.


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